Our Expertise

Every consulting project commences with a research-based situation analysis which provides a thorough understanding of the client's position, and its stakeholders' interests and concerns. This helps to identify communication priorities, set realistic goals and develop effective strategies to achieve them.

Strategic Marketing


Increasing brand awareness, building strategic relationships, and reaching out to and engaging with customers. Anderson Knight services include:

  • Marketing Collateral - Researching and writing message content, and design and production of digital and print marketing materials.
  • Direct Communication - With key authority figures including social media influencers and media.
  • Strategic Alliances - Identifying, approaching and liaising with alliance partners.
  • Sponsorships - seeking, arranging, managing and leveraging mutually beneficial sponsorship relationships ensuring the agreed promotional benefits are delivered.
  • Activations - Creating, planning and project managing promotional events to gain attention and build relationships.


Targeted communication to inform, capture attention and stimulate responsive action. Anderson Knight services include:

  • Developing and implementing communication strategies to properly inform stakeholders and the media, as appropriate, about issues affecting the client organisation, including crisis situations.
  • Identifying key target audiences, and developing practical and cost effective ways to reach them with the client's message.
  • Developing mutually beneficial strategic alliances.
  • Message Content - Researching, professional writing, design and production of corporate promotional documents - ranging from product brochures to websites.
  • Media Relations - Developing and maintaining relationships with key media to gain early advice of media interests and new opportunities - and stimulate interest in client activities.
  • Media Releases - Researching and writing newsworthy media releases for both print and digital media. Targeted distribution of releases to selected media or general distribution as appropriate.
  • Social Media - Identifying social media opportunities by regular monitoring, developing content and making timely posts to maintain engagement with followers.
Public Releations
Event Management


Project coordination and management from developing the creative concept through to post-event budget reconciliation. Anderson Knight provides the following services:

  • Developing creative concepts and a detailed outline of activities at the proposal stage.
  • Project management of the event or activation - working in close collaboration with the client.
  • Researching and booking locations/venues, suppliers of equipment and services, and MCs and entertainment.
  • Developing the event program, timelines for execution, and the event running schedule. Assistance with preparation of scripts/speeches, audio visual content and production, and production and installation of signage.
  • Arranging travel and accommodation as required.
  • Managing the invitation list, issuing invitations and receiving RSVPs.
  • A production manager attends the event from bump-in to bump-out to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Winding up the event by budget reconciliation and reporting, and attending a debriefing meeting for closure.